Like all popular music, jazz is associated with strong personalities. International recognition of accordionist Vincent Peirani rests on that essential, fundamental quality. His musical charisma, his very distinctive creative skills, his unique approach to his art – all of which are the fruit of a very open, unblinkered attitude – strike the listener immediately.

After brilliant studies in classical music (many international awards), his dive into the world of jazz received the seal of success from the start and was crowned at the Victoires du Jazz in 2014 (“Revelation”) and 2015 (“Artist of the Year”). Vincent Peirani has the ability to turn everything he touches into gold: in jazz, of course (his own projects, but also collaborations with Daniel Humair, Michel Portal, and others), but also in chanson (Sanseverino, Les Yeux Noirs), film music (composer for Mathieu Almaric’s Barbara in 2017), and so on. Whatever the style, the public follows: in his performances, he creates a balance between the relatively straightforward (inventive revivals of well-known themes) and a blessed unexpectedness, with art music and popular music very close to each other, a sign of great artistry.

The man who, ten years ago, completely renewed the language of the accordion (and continues to do so) has become a major artist, whose uninhibited, cosmopolitan view of music and sense of instrumental combination and colour, enable him to bring that rare and precious magical touch to everything he does.


Jokers… Once again, accordionist Vincent Peirani reshuffles the cards. As a good jazz musician, he likes to venture into unexplored territories. As a good music fan and a very good musician in general, he is curious, enthusiastic, and eager to make new discoveries and find new things to listen to or play. Jokers, his first album in trio, goes even further, and elsewhere.The Jokers project is not entirely new. It was born a few years ago when the German radio station NDR invited Vincent Peirani to produce two concerts, giving him carte blanche for the format. Vincent chose to turn for the first time to the jazz trio, a formula with such a long history that it is almost sacred, and certainly intimidating. But typically, he used that framework only to escape from it. His two accomplices, Federico Casagrande on guitar and Ziv Ravitz on drums and keyboards, both have a wealth of experience and skills, an interest in rock and electronic music, and a taste for musical hybridity.

line up

Vincent Peirani / accordion, accordina, clarinet, keyboards, music box, glockenspiel & voice
Federico Casagrande / guitar
Ziv Ravitz / drums

  • 2009 – Gunung Sebatu with Vincent Lê Quang (saxophone), Zig Zag Territoires
  • 2008 – Mélosolex, Label Ouïe / Anticraft distribution
  • 2011 – Est with François Salque (cello), Zig Zag Territoires
  • 2011 – Vagabond, with Lars Danielsson / Ulf Wakenius, ACT
  • 2012 – Thrill Box with Michael Wollny (p) and Michel Benita (b), ACT
  • 2013 – Tanguillo with François Salque and Tomás Gubitsch [fr], Zig Zag Territoires
  • 2014 – Belle Époque with Émile Parisien, ACT
  • 2015 – Living Being, with Émile Parisien (cl, ts), Yoann Serra (d), Tony Paeleman [fr] (Fender Rhodes), Julien Herné (elb), ACT
  • 2016 – Tandem, with Peirani and Wollny, ACT
  • 2022  – Jokers, with Federico Casagrande and Ziv Ravitz / drums, ACT


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