Mark Guiliana has become recognized as one of the world’s leading drummers, admired and in demand across the spectrum from jazz to rock to electronic music for his rhythmic sophistication, creative impulse, and individual sound. He has been in the vanguard of drummers creating a new vernacular on the instrument, blending virtuosity on acoustic drums with artfully deployed electronic beats and processing. All About Jazz calls him “a beat poet of another sort…one of the few drummers who can creatively straddle and blur the electro-acoustic dividing line.” One thing is for sure – over the last decade, Mark Guiliana has become “one of the most influential drummers of his generation” (JazzTimes).



EP (2010)

Beat Music (2012)

A Form of Truth (2013)

BEAT MUSIC The Los Angeles Improvisations (2014)

My Life Starts Now (2014)

Family First (2015)

Jersey (2017)

Beat Music! Beat Music! Beat Music! (2019)


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